New To Recumbent Trikes? Make Sure You Follow These Key Tips

Although traditional bikes are great and used by a lot of people, you do not necessarily have to use for them touring. If you want to go on a long ride, an upright, diamond frame bike may tire your neck shoulders, wrists, and hands. It depends on your personal preference whether you want to use a traditional bike or a recumbent trike for touring. A recumbent trike is much more comfortable as the rider gets to sit in a laid back position with his/her feet in front of them. It is called trike or tricycle because it has three wheels. People of all age groups can use recumbent trikes. Older people will especially benefit from riding these bikes because these bikes do not require you to support your weight using arms and hands against the handlebars.

Some people assume that recumbent trikes cannot be easily transported using a car, which is not true at all. Because of this wrong assumption, they refrain from purchasing these amazing bikes. The truth is, you can easily take your recumbent trike with you on your travels. There are top-quality recumbent trike car racks and carriers available online. You can easily use them to transport your trike anywhere with you. In this blog, we will tell you some key tips that you should use before using a recumbent trike for the first time. What are those tips? Let’s find out.

Get A Trike That Fits You

You can’t just buy any other trike. Fit is something you should seriously check before getting a trike because using a trike that is not suitable for your size and height might cause knee pain and other issues in your body. Check the boom length of the trike so that you can enjoy proper leg extension. Apart from boom length, make sure the headrest is comfortable for your neck. You do not want to face neck issues while riding your new trike. Before making the final buying decision, just make sure the trike fits you properly.

Practice Riding Recumbent Trike

You must be thinking that there might not be any need for practicing riding a recumbent trike because it has three wheels. But the truth is, you should start slow with your recumbent trike because your muscles are used to riding a tradition, upright bike. They will take time to get used to the reclined position. So, it would be best to start slow and keep your rides short for some time.

Make Sure It Visible To Others

Because of the recumbent position, trikes are not always visible to car drivers on the road. So, make sure you use a flag on your trike to make yourself more visible on the road. Some people use helmets with lights on them, lighted flagpoles, and other similar things to keep themselves safe. You should also wear bright clothes whenever you ride a trike.

If you do the above-mentioned things, your experience with a recumbent trike will be great. Also, don’t forget to get a car rack for your trike from CycleSimplex. We make some of the most affordable and durable trike racks in the market. You can these racks to safely transport your recumbent trike from one place to another using your car.

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