We specialize in high quality, easy to use and affordable Trike, e-Trike, Bike, e-Bike and Tandem Bike. We even have racks for mobility trikes, two trikes and heavy weight trikes.

Where It All Began

It has been said that “necessity is the mother of invention.” It is from here that the line of CycleSimplex Bicycle Carriers received its foundation. Bike racks started out as assemblies of bent tubes strapped to the back of a vehicle on which a bicycle was hung. Many of these still exist today. Your valuable bike is secured to these carriers with an array of straps and hold-down mechanisms. Unfortunately, as you drive down the highways and byways of the world, your bikes rattle and bang together behind you.

Many manufacturers have addressed this problem with complex and expensive solutions. Others have turned the bicycle carrier into an elaborate system for carrying almost anything. The owner of CycleSimplex saw the need for a simple, secure and inexpensive bike rack. From that need came the CycleSimplex line of bicycle carriers.

We're Bike Enthusiasts

As bike enthusiasts who are passionate about our bikes, especially our mountain/road bikes, tandem bikes, and trikes, we’re proud to make one of the most unique and bike-friendly racks ever invented.

CycleSimplex manufactures a variety of trike and bike racks including racks for one or two trike’s, a trike and another bike , handicap trikes, tandem bikes, mountain/road bikes, and custom racks for the Car, Van, SUV, Truck, Motor Home and Camper. We also make a rack for the heavier trikes such as battery operated trikes and Worksman trikes.

We pride ourselves on producing the best line of tricycle and bicycle racks at a very reasonable price. We can do that because we only make trike and bike racks and carriers. These racks are designed to be kind to your tricycle, bicycle and your wallet. Our roof and hitch mounted racks are perfect for the active cyclist or the weekend enthusiast.

Here at CycleSimplex we have many satisfied customers. Hopefully these comments will confirm that you can order your bike rack from us with complete confidence.

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