A Tricycle Bike Carrier: Why Should I Insist On Quality?

Tricycles are an excellent tool, without any doubt. It’s a great mobile device to leave the parked car behind and go for a ride among nature, ensures some quality outdoor time while offering high stability with lots of fun, safety, and speed. The mobility trikes are probably the most fun assistive devices for people with physical limitations. Trikes are indeed one of the coolest inventions. However, when it comes to getting a quality tricycle bike carrier or a tricycle car rack, most of us feel hesitant to make that investment (primarily because of the cost). As an experienced manufacturer and supplier of premier tricycle bike carriers dealing with many customers from day to day, we can think of five reasons that are strong enough to make you insist on a quality trike carrier.


Monotony can hit us anytime and anywhere. If you have been following the same track to ride your trike for a while, chances are your trike adventure is starting to sound like more of a menial, tedious job. Our tricycle car rack allows you the freedom to load up your trike and go for a ride anytime, anywhere. It will enable you to explore more places other than your nearby locality.


While carrying your trike in your car, the last thing you want is it to drop off mid-way and getting damaged. Our high-quality, well-engineered tricycle bike carrier will ensure safe transport as you move across the town with your trike in your car.


Investing in a low-quality trike carrier is likely to damage your car. Over time and with usage, a loose screw or a protruding metallic piece is not only dangerous for your trike but your vehicle as well. Our steel-constructed tricycle car rack with a durable powder coat finish offers a seamless finished design, higher performance, durability, and safety for use.


Not every trike is similar in size, features, and design. Our trike racks, available in tilt-up and tilt-in versions, adjust to any wheelbase, track ensure functionality while providing simplicity in installation. If you decide to get a new trike, you don’t have to buy a new rack. The adjustable feature allows you to make the most of your investment.


Let’s not forget about the most obvious advantage- a trike carrier will allow you to have more room in the car. Carrying a trike inside a vehicle not only spoils the interiors but also enhances the chances of accidental hazards. Having a tricycle car rack gives more room for your fellow riders (in case you wanted to take a group trip without leaving your trike behind).

Feeling intrigued? At Cycle Simplex, we are always enthusiastic about making trike adventures a bit more convenient and fun! For product information, feel free to browse our website or connect with us directly for any queries.

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