Thinking of Going On A Long Motorhome Trip? Don’t Forget To Take Your Bike With You

There is no doubt about the fact that traveling in a recreational vehicle such as a motorhome can provide you with a wonderful experience. Many people explore different parts of the country on their motorhomes. They get to see picturesque lands that they never saw before. Many motorhome owners take their bikes with them so that they can really appreciate the beauty of a place while cycling through it. And as far as transporting the bike is concerned, you need not worry as there are some amazing bicycle transport carriers online that will allow you to comfortably carry more than one bike on your motorhome.

You can take a bicycle with you regardless of whether you have plans of staying in a camp site or in the wild. You can ride it for fun or utilize it as an additional means of transportation. If you want to take a bike with you, there are a couple of things that you need to know. What are those things? Let’s find out.

Your Motorhome Needs To Be Bike-Friendly

Before you get too excited about taking your bicycle with you on your exciting trip ahead, it is essential that you confirm whether the motorhome you have or thinking of buying is suitable for transporting bikes. If you haven’t yet bought or rented a motorhome, we will advise you to first consider everything that you want out of a motorhome. In this particular case, you need to check whether the motorhome you’re about to rent or buy is bike-friendly or not.

Look for a motorhome that either has a bike rack or a body that lets you install a bike rack of your own. If you want to carry the bike inside the motorhome, then you will have to get a RV that is pretty spacious. Keep in mind that a spacious, bigger RV will cost you a lot of money. So, it would be best to get a top-quality, affordable bike rack online and install it on your RV.

Laws And Regulations

If you have made up your mind that you will take a bike with you on your motorhome trip, make sure you follow the below-mentioned rules:

  • Others on the road should be able to see the brake lights of your RV clearly
  • While driving, you should be able to see everything clearly
  • Do not go beyond the maximum load of your RV
  • Your bike or bikes should not be sticking out from the sides of the RV
  • Rear number of the RV should be visible

Once you have considered everything mentioned above, the next thing you need to do is get a solid, affordable bike rack. This is where CycleSimplex comes in. We specialize in making quality bike carrier racks for SUVs, cars, trucks, and of course, RVs. Our bike racks easily attach to any RV and lets you follow all the aforesaid regulations. If interested, check out our different bike racks for recumbent, trike, and tandem bikes on the website.

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