Common Mistakes People Make With Their Car Bike Racks

People who love riding bikes never want to miss an opportunity to ride their beloved bike on beautiful routes and places. Sometimes, those routes and places are in far off places and bike lovers struggle carrying their bikes there. But with the help of car bike racks available online, it becomes easier and convenient to transport your bike with you. However, some bike owners make some common mistakes when it comes to bike racks. In this blog, we will tell you what those mistakes are. Let’s take a look at them.

Not Taking Into Account The Size of Rack

When you are shopping for a bike rack online, it is essential to make sure that the bike rack you buy fits your vehicle properly. Although most bike racks today come with adjustable features, it is still best you find out the measurements for the top of your car. Otherwise, you might end up getting a rack that is not suitable for your car’s shape and size.

Overloading The Bike Rack

There’s a reason why manufacturers mention hauling capacity of every bike rack. You should always respect that capacity and never go beyond it. Putting too much pressure on a bike rack can make it suffer stress damage, which will eventually reduce its holding capacity. Roof bike rack, for instance, if overloaded, can damage the roof of the car due to the weight not being evenly distributed over the entire roof’s surface area.

Leaving The Rack On Car When Not Using It

Some people make the mistake of leaving the bike rack on their vehicle when they’re not using it, which is not good. When you do that, you are putting unnecessary pressure on your car, which will bring down its fuel economy. Apart from that, your bike rack might wear out prematurely and you may have to replace it much sooner. The good thing is, modern bike racks can be quickly attached and removed from a vehicle without using too much effort.

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