A Tadpole Trike Rack Will Open New Riding Locations and Experiences

Before you buy that trike rack, make sure you know what type of trike you are riding. A tadpole trike has two steerable front tires and a single back tire that is moved by pushing the pedals. This type of trike is low, speedy and easy to get onto and off of. Some riders say they are like riding a go-kart.

Places to Ride Your Tadpole Trike

Once you have your tadpole trike, you will want to take it with you so you can enjoy diverse trails and unique scenery. That is where we come in. When you want to travel with your trike, you need a bike rack so you can take your trike with you. Our emphasis is keeping the racks simple and easy to use. Before you know it, you will be riding on old, unused railroad tracks that have been converted to bike and trike trails. If you live by the beach, check out the boardwalks and pathways that permit bike and trike use. With a tadpole trike rack, you and your trike don’t have to stay close to home. Check out biking clubs and trails in your state or location to learn about great riding experiences.

Features of Our Trike Racks

Our racks are made in the USA of steel with a durable powder coating finish. They are adjustable to fit many trike styles and sizes. Our racks are also designed to fit all cars and recreational vehicles. We have racks designed to carry either one or two trikes. Some racks are for use on the top of your vehicle and others fit into a receiver at the rear of your vehicle.

To get the most use of your tadpole trike, get to know our products and services. At CycleSimplex, we want to expand your world of triking. Go on tours, meet new friends and explore new locations with your tadpole trike rack.

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