Choosing the Right Rack for Carrying Your Trike to a Workacation Site

2020 turned out to be a year packed with uncertainties and lessons. Thankfully, things have only become better in the last year. As work from home has become the new norm, people are considering moving to their favorite spots where they can work and feed their adventure cravings at the same time. And, a trike only adds to this experience.

If you’re also a part of the same community, you should start exploring unexplored corners on your trike. The first step is to look for trike racks for one trike and buy one. Without a rack, you won’t be able to carry your trike with you wherever you want. You can choose from different rack options available on the market, including:

Hitch mount racks

Hitch mount racks are perfect for vehicles with a receiver hitch. They usually support 1.2 or 2 inch hitch sizes and are easy to install and use. With a hitch mount rack by your side, you can easily carry your trike to your preferred destination and start roaming during the free hours. The only requirement is, your vehicle should have a receiver hitch.

Before purchasing a hitch mount rack, you should remember that it may restrict the rear door access. Also, you should focus on the build quality to ensure better safety for your trike. You can reach out to a reputed rack manufacturer like CycleSimplex and buy a sturdy rack for your trike.

Roof mount racks

Another great option is a roof mount rack that offers unmatched versatility. You can carry different bikes and trikes, and also take your sports equipment with you. They are easy to install and provide better safety to your cycles or trikes (if you’re carrying more than one). The best part is: you have the rear door accessible all the time – on the way and at the camp.

At the same time, there are some downsides to using these racks. You’re supposed to lift the bike to load it to the roof. The other problem is, you have to unload it every time before entering a garage. If you’re comfortable with both these things, you may consider buying a roof mount rack for your trike.

Trunk mount racks

Trunk mount racks are an ideal choice for people with a restricted budget. As the name suggests, they are mounted on the vehicle’s rear and usually fold flat to save storage space. However, they offer less security to a bike or trike than their counterparts. For this reason, most bikers don’t prefer buying them in the first place.

The bottom line

Tricycles are among the most sustainable options to explore new off-road locations without putting environmental safety at stake. They are your best companions who take you to the places where your vehicle may not enter. To keep this fun going, you need the best rack for your trike that allows you to carry the trike everywhere you go.

If you’re looking for trike racks for one trike , reach out to us today.

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