Questions To Ask Before Buying Bike Carriers & Racks For Your Vehicle

You are a heavy bike-enthusiast who just can’t live without his/ her bike. Whether you are traveling for a few days or going away for a few weeks or more for detox at a nearby location with your car, you just cannot live without your bike. However, the wide range of bike carriers for car available in the market in different price ranges and models seem to have a dizzying effect on you. Well, it’s natural to get overwhelmed with so many options around. As much you would love you carry your bike with you on the go, choosing the wrong carrier can only add to your problem than convenience.


It is only through proper research and careful analysis of your needs and requirements that you can narrow down your options to a single choice. Buying a carrier can be tough and sometimes even more difficult than getting a bike. In addition to this, there are different state laws regulating the attachment and usage of carrier racks that you must abide by to move around lawfully. As per Maine state regulations, your rear racks must be visible at all times. Here is a list of 12 questions you must ask yourself before purchasing a carrier:

  1. Are you going to use it frequently?
  2. Have I estimated my budget properly?
  3. How many bikes do I need to carry and what is the capacity of my choice?
  4. If I’m going to install it overhead, how high do I need to lift my bike? Is it too heavy to be lifted?
  5. Am I carrying a tandem bike? Does my bike have any special design feature like a uniquely shaped frame?
  6. Does my car already possess a tow- hitch or roof-mounted utility rack? Have I assessed its load capacity?
  7. How much do you value security?
  8. Is it easy to install?
  9. Does the carrier work across every car model or is exclusive to a few specific ones?
  10. In case you indulge in other types of sports or activities, is there a specific type of rack or carrier that can serve you better?
  11. Will your bike sway a lot? (as swaying can damage your car’s paint and cause scratches across the surface of your car)
  12. Will the rack interfere with your car’s trunk?


Along with the above-mentioned questions, you must also understand that adding extra weight to your vehicle means that your vehicle has an additional pressure of lugging around that weight. Roof racks have proved to increase fuel consumption up to 28% due to the imbalanced aerodynamics of a vehicle. Therefore, make sure you make a carefully assessed choice.

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