Bicycle Season is Here: Everything You Need to Know About Moving Your

Whether you're an experienced cyclist or you're simply looking for an environmentally friendly, simple way to get around this summer, bicycles are the way to go. But before you burn rubber this summer, you may want to think about how to travel with your bike! Although bikes are great for transportation, they can't exactly get you from the city to the mountains in record time. So for all of your bike storage and travel needs, you probably want to look into bike racks for your car. And to save you some time and trouble, here's everything you need to know about choosing the best bicycle rack for your car.

There are three basic types of bike racks

Although bike racks such as tandem bike racks, trike bike racks, and countless other variations exist, there are three basic styles to choose from. The first is bicycle roof racks, which -- you guessed it -- attach to the roof of your car. If you have a pickup truck, SUV, or any other vehicle with a roof over five feet, this may not be the best option for you. Next come bike hitch racks. These racks are ideal for vehicles with a hitch system, as well as for people who would prefer their bikes not to get splattered with bugs like they would on a roof system. And finally, there's the trunk rack, which is ideal for vehicles without a hitch system, and again, it keeps your bike relatively bug gut free!

Keep your car in mind

When choosing the best bicycle rack for your car, you should probably be keeping your car in mind. Before you pick any sort of bike rack, you need to make sure your car can handle it! For instance, a trunk rack probably isn't the best option for a little four door sedan. Always consider your vehicle before your bike, because if you can't transport your bike, then there's no biking to be done!

Get out on the road!

No matter the bike rack you choose, getting out into the fresh air on a bike is a great summer activity. Not only can biking reduce your risk of heart disease, it can save you a lot of money. When mothers spend more time behind the wheel of a car than they do feeding, dressing, and bathing a child, you know a change has to be made. Don't wait to get on the road this summer. Your bike is calling!

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