At Last a Recumbent Trike Carrier

You can look for a Recumbent Trike Carrier on the internet or shop for one at bike shops and specialty bike shops. The do-it-yourself homemade recumbent trike or bike rack is occasionally explained on YouTube, if that discussion interests you. Some carriers have been modified from cargo carriers or motorcycle carriers with inserts that fit into the receiver hitch on the back of the vehicle. These carriers can be of varying quality.

What Is a Recumbent Trike or Bike

Commercial companies now manufacture recumbent trike carriers and they can easily accommodate most makes and models. A consumer with a recumbent trike can do a little research, and find the bike rack that works. First of all, we should probably discuss just what a recumbent trike or bike is. A recumbent bike or trike is an ergonomic alternative to an upright, traditional bicycle or adult trike. The recumbent puts the rider in a laid back riding position with the rider's weight transferred through the rider's seat, back, hands and feet. While recumbent bikes have been around since the 1930s, they can be considered an alternative design to upright bicycles. Today, their design is focused more on a comfortable riding experience and a serious aerobic workout. To get a transportation rack, you can look for it in the hardware department, but don't’ be surprised if you don’t find it. That’s why companies like CycleSimplex are such a godsend because they have been building racks for recumbents for almost 20 years.

Good Choice for Spinal Injuries

Because of the ergonomic design, the recumbent can be a good choice of people with spinal cord diseases or injuries. In the form of a tricycle, it offers a low-impact version of the bicycle, so many disabled people can actually use them. Many able-bodied people can use recumbent tricycles as well because they can pursue their bicycle hobby well into old age without sacrificing their back or neck. A recumbent trike carrier can be a considerable benefit to the owner. Manufacturers like CycleSimplex are producing racks that look great, perform well, and fit the recumbent tricycle. CycleSimplex even adds easy-loading features so the tricyclist can load the recumbent bike alone.

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