Advantages of Riding A Recumbent Trike

You have ridden two-wheeled normal bicycles, but you’ve never ridden a recumbent trike, a tricycle with three wheels. The reason why it is called recumbent is it allows the rider to sit in a laid back position while riding the bicycle. If you’ve just seen someone ride this incredible tricycle and want to get one for yourself, don’t wait and get it right away as there are several advantages to owning this cycle. In this blog, we will tell you what those advantages are. Let’s get started.

  • Safety- If there’s one thing that is guaranteed with a recumbent trike, it is its safety feature. Since the cycle is designed in such a way that you remain close to the ground, there is no fear of falling off the bike and getting hurt. Stability is something that recumbent trikes are known for. You will be able to confidently ride on wet roads without the fear of getting slipped. Older folks will definitely find recumbent trikes safe and fun.
  • Comfort- If you have ridden two-wheeled, upright bicycles, you would know how tiring it gets after riding them for some hours. Try riding with a recumbent trike user and you will find that your fellow rider stays pretty comfortable even after an hour of cycling. With a recumbent trike, you won’t experience those neck, wrist, or shoulder discomfort that riding an upright bicycle causes during long distance rides. As a matter of fact, many people who are unable to walk properly still manage to ride recumbent bikes because these tricycles offer incredible comfort to the rider. That is why recumbent trikes are often called recliners on wheels.
  • No Bicycling Skills Needed- There are countless number of people who have never ridden a two-wheeler, which may sound surprising to many but it is true. For such folks, recumbent trikes are just perfect because you do not need to know the balancing skill that is required for riding a two-wheeler. It does not matter what age you are and how much you weigh; you can always ride a recumbent trike easily.

As you can see, the advantages of owning a recumbent trike are quite amazing. If you usually take your two-wheeled, upright bicycle or tandem bicycle on your road trips or picnics and are concerned how will you take your recumbent trike, then do not worry as there are some incredible racks available for recumbent trikes online. At CycleSimplex, you can get top-quality recumbent trike racks for cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, motor homes, and campers. Not just recumbent trike racks, you can also buy tandem racks, tadpole trike racks, virtually every trike racks. Whenever you need to buy a solid bike rack for your vehicle, look no further than CycleSimplex.

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