One Trike Heavy Duty Hitch Rack for Trikes Weighing Over 70 lbs.

SKU: FG6.0Tk1TadHDyesT1.25

One Trike Heavy Duty Rack for trikes that weigh over 70 lbs: with two front wheels (Tadpole) and for a 1.25" receiver hitch
Sale price$580.00


Our One Trike Plus One Regular Bike  or e-Bike Hitch Rack is a leader in the marketplace because of its all steel construction, powder coat paint, simplicity of design and very competitive pricing.

It comes in only a tilt-up model for those of you who want it out of the way when you leave the rack on your vehicle while there is no trike on it.  The tilt-up model also raises the trike up 6" above the receiver hitch for those with vehicles that have lower ground clearance. Please note that the tilt-up model may or may not tilt up the full 90 degrees.  It depends on the placement of your receiver hitch and the configuration of the back of your vehicle. You can tilt it as far as it will go before hitting your vehicle and then lock it in place.

We believe in simplicity of design.  When you add options and foot pedals, you introduce areas of movement that may cause wear and subsequent failure. The quality of our rack is attested to by the fact that we allow them to be used on RVs and 5th wheels...something our competitors do not allow.

If you want a high quality trike rack at a competitive price, CycleSimplex is the rack for you.

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