Why Ride a Recumbent Bike? Here are 6 Reasons Why You Are Missing Out

Just ask the people of the Netherlands, and they will tell you biking is the cool way to get around. It saves money, as shifting travel from driving to biking can reduce costs paid by society by 25 cents per mile in average conditions, and 50 cents per mile in heavy urban traffic. It saves space, as it costs the same to build parking for 75 bikes as it does for just four cars. And it is good for your health as just three hours of biking per week can reduce a person's risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%.

One pretty awesome way to get around is riding a recumbent bike. This is a bike that puts the rider in a laid-back riding position. Now you may ask, why does anyone want to ride a recumbent bike? Here are some answers.

  1. They're fun to ride.
  2. They're pretty cool. You will impress all of your friends rolling up in this awesome bike.
  3. They're aerodynamic! So this means you get to glide faster through the air while biking, what a thrill!
  4. They're great for your body. Since the rider's weight is distributed comfortably over a larger area, your back supports your body rather than being hunched when riding an upright, diamond framed bike. Consequently, you won't feel any lingering discomfort or pain; no tensed neck, no saddle sore, no carpel tunnel, no numb fingers, and no back spasms!
  5. They're made for touring, so if you want to go enjoy the countryside you can because they are incredibly comfortable and offer a better view! You will not have to strain your neck, and they are easy to haul your gear.
  6. Recumbent bikes make it easier for you to travel for as long as you have time. Because there is no stress on your body parts, you can go for longer distances than you normally would be able to!

So now that you are convinced to buy a recumbent bike, it is important that you choose recumbent bike racks for transporting your new bike! These recumbent bike racks are versatile, can hold one or two bikes at a time, and are easily hitched on the back of your car.

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