Pro Tips On Using Car Racks Safely

You’re heading to a destination for a vacation, and when you reach it, you see that your tricycle attached to the car is damaged. Chances are you didn’t use your tricycle car rack the right way. Certainly, finding the most appropriate tricycle bike carrier is one intimidating task, but using it is just as important. If the concerning question- Is my tricycle safe out there?- pops up in your head whenever you hit the road, you probably should re-evaluate your style of using the car rack you own.

The last thing you want to know upon reaching the destination is that your tricycle or vehicle is hampered. Keeping that in mind, we have listed a few tips that you should follow to master the technique of using car racks correctly (and with care).

Think about the type of rack and vehicle you have.

For a novice user, it can be tough to spot what went wrong. To begin with, know that different car racks can face different issues. Trunk-mounted carriers are widely used which generally fit pretty well with most of the cars. Besides, they provide simpler accessibility to the bikes. Even before you mount the racks, check if there’s dirt. Dirt can disrupt your usage and lead to scratches on the car paint.

Your bike should be at an appropriate height.

What is an appropriate height of carrying tricycles; you ask? A Tricycle placed high enough above the ground level is a preferred height for carrying them. If carried too low, they might drag against the ground, hence get severely damaged. Another thing to make sure of is that the wheels aren’t close to the car’s exhaust pipe. If it is so, the tires could be ruined.

Avoid entering a garage or shelter with your bike on the roof of your car.

Did you know that the maximum cases of bike crashes happen due to entering a garage with the bikes on the roof racks? Perhaps you should carry something that reminds you to avoid doing the same. There are several ways of doing so – One, place your garage door opener at a place where you may have to access it and then open the garage door. In this way, you’ll be reminded to first let the bikes off of the car racks. And two, keep the door opener along with the cycling accessories. This will allow you to think about the task you’re supposed to do before entering the garage with the bikes on.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to travel in your car with peace of mind about your tricycle’s safety while it’s on the tricycle car rack. Start with choosing the best-suited rack for your tricycle, research, and buy sturdy and versatile racks from Cycle Simplex. We have all the more efficient and adjustable bike racks that will keep your bikes intact during your journey (even if it’s to a steep hill).

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