Getting The Right Bike Rack Is Easy If You Know What To Consider

For a lot of people, any outdoor excursion is incomplete without their trike or bike. They have to take their beloved ride with them no matter how troublesome the method is. But, it is important to know that carrying your ride in the trunk or on the top of your car (in a makeshift manner) is not always recommended. You want your excursion with your family to be pleasant and free of disappoint. If you carry your trike or bike improperly, you may face problems such as paint damage and scratches on your car. Or, you may end up with no space to carry essential items with you if you pack the trike or bike in the trunk.

The best solution to these problems is using a top-quality trike or bike carrier rack for SUV, car, truck, camper, or whatever your vehicle is. However, it is not always easy to get the most suitable trike or bike rack for your needs, especially when there are so many racks available online. Therefore, in this blog, we will help you get the best rack for your specific requirements by mentioning key factors that should be considered prior to getting any trike or bike rack. What are those factors? Let’s find out!

  • Number of Bicycles- This may sound too obvious but the truth is, many bicycle owners forget to take into account their specific trike or bike rack needs. For example, you need to know how many trikes or bikes you want to carry on your outdoor excursion. Every rack is designed to handle a specific amount of weight and a specific number of bikes. For instance, some racks are designed to carry two trikes, some are made to carry one trike and another bike and others are designed to carry one tandem and one regular bike. Make the final purchasing decision keeping in mind what type of trike or bike you want to transport and how many bikes you want to take with you.
  • Your Car Type- If you do not want to end up with a rack that does not fit your car, it is essential you consider your car’s model, its dimensions, and your trike or bike’s wheelbase before ordering a rack. The good thing is, top manufacturers of bike racks provide their customers with vehicle fit guides. You can use those guides to get the best rack for your vehicle.
  • Cost of The Rack- As we mentioned above, there are many trike or bike racks available online. You will find cheap racks, expensive racks, and affordable racks. Needless to say, it can get difficult to narrow down on one particular manufacturer. So, it is best to know your budget beforehand. Keep in mind that just because a rack is expensive, it does not necessarily mean it is the best.

At CycleSimplex, you can get racks for trikes, tandems, regular and recumbent bikes at a reasonable price. Since we have over 20 years of experience in making trike or bike transport carriers , we know exactly what our customers want and what their expectations are. If interested, you can check out different racks online and get in touch with us to inquire more about their specifications and components. Please contact us at or go to our Website at

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