Essential Tips for Safe and Secure Transport of Your Recumbent Trike

After purchasing a recumbent trike, a frequently asked question is how to safely and efficiently transport it. Ensuring proper transportation is crucial for fully enjoying your new trike. Whether heading to a local bike trail or embarking on a long-distance road trip, using a bike rack designed specifically for recumbent trikes can provide peace of mind and ensure your trike arrives safely at your destination. Let's explore tips for safely transporting recumbent trikes using a bike rack.

Choose the Right Bike Rack

The first step in safely transporting your recumbent trike is choosing the right bike rack. Not all bike racks are designed to accommodate recumbent trikes, so selecting a rack specifically designed for these types of bikes is essential. At CycleSimplex, we offer recumbent trike bike racks designed to hold your trike during transport securely. Our racks feature cam buckle straps and J-Bolts and adjustable wheel holders that ensure a snug fit for your trike, preventing it from shifting or falling off during transit.

Check Weight Capacity

When selecting a bike rack, it's important to check the weight capacity of the rack and your car's hitch. Recumbent trikes can be heavy, so it's essential to ensure your bike rack can safely support the weight of your trike. CycleSimplex's recumbent trike bike racks have weight capacities of up to 100 pounds per trike, ensuring that your trike is securely supported during transport.

Properly Secure the Trike

Once you've chosen the right bike rack, it's important to secure your recumbent trike to the rack properly. At CycleSimplex, our recumbent trike bike racks feature cam buckle straps and J-Bolts that securely hold your trike in place, preventing it from shifting or falling off during transit. It's also important to ensure your trike's wheels are securely held in place using adjustable wheel holders.

Check Clearance

When transporting your recumbent trike on a bike rack, it's important to check the clearance of your trike and the bike rack to avoid any potential damage. Make sure your trike is not too close to the ground or other objects and that the bike rack is adjusted correctly to accommodate the height and length of your trike.

Drive with Care

When transporting your recumbent trike using a bike rack, it's essential to drive carefully and be aware of the added height and weight on your vehicle. Be cautious when entering parking garages, underpasses, or other low-clearance areas. It's also important to regularly check the bike rack and your trike during transit to ensure everything is securely in place.

At CycleSimplex, we understand the importance of safely transporting your recumbent trike, and that's why we offer the best range of recumbent trike carriers for 2 trikes designed for ease of use and maximum security. Our racks are made from high-quality materials and are designed to fit various cars and recumbent trikes.


Transporting your recumbent trike using a bike rack can be a safe and easy way to explore new areas and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. You can ensure your recumbent trike arrives at your destination safely and securely by choosing the right bike rack, properly securing your trike, checking clearance, and driving with care. CycleSimplex's range of recumbent trike bike racks provides peace of mind and ease of use, making it simple to transport your trike wherever you go. Always prioritize safety when transporting your trike, and choose a bike rack specifically designed for recumbent trikes. Happy riding!

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