Two Delta Trikes or One Delta and One Tadpole Trike Hitch Rack - This Rack Is for Total Trike Weight of Under 140 Lbs.

Sale price$619.00


Our two trike hitch racks are unique in the marketplace in that the trikes stand vertically. It is easier to load two trike vertically because you only have to pick the trikes up to the bumper level. Racks that hold the trikes horizontally require that you pick the first trike up to the bumper level, but the second trike has to be picked up to about chest level in order to load it above the first trike.

Our Two Delta or One Delta and One Tadpole trike racks can handle two deltas (two rear wheels) or one delta trike and one tadpole trike (Two front wheels).

This USA manufactured rack is all steel construction with powder coat paint for a durable finish. Because we have been making bike and trike racks for almost 20 years, our racks have evolved to be the lightest and least expensive in the marketplace. While other manufacturers do not warranty their racks for use on RV's, our quality is of such a high standard that we do not prohibit their use on RV's.

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